Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hazards Of Swimming Naked - Our Lines Are Down

2009 release from post-rock group, "Hazards Of Swimming Naked." My first listen through this album, it really reminded me of Red Sparowes. I suppose if you're a fan of Red Sparowes, you'll find this just as enjoyable.
I seem to hear some math-rock influences in a good chunk of the album. Nice to hear a quality post-rock band change up their sound every now and then. The bassist, (of whom I don't know the name) definitely pulls of some catchy basslines.
All-in-all, it's a really catchy and refreshing album.

1. Requiem
2. I'm A Friend Of Edward J. Stevens
3. Sparks Fly
4. Sveta
5. ...And A Whole Assortment Of Uppers And Downers
6. Don't Cry For Me, Dario Argento
7. Dreams Don't Come True, That's Why We Dream
8. Kip Keino
9. Aabar Dekha Habe
10. Reverie

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